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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Love?

I haven't talked a lot about my new internship - mainly because I started it on Friday. But let me just say...I am LOVING it! Really!
I would say the majority of the 12 interns they brought on to help out during this pilot season are all actors. And they are interning mainly to learn the ins and outs of the casting process, without any interest in being a casting director someday. I took this internship to see if there was another area of the business that I could fall in love with equal to my acting - if not more. I've thought of producing, maybe working at the studio level, casting, - anything and everything - in search of another area on interest - just out of curiosity.
Now I have casting experience prior to this. I assisted in casting a feature film in Austin many moons ago, and I casted a short film there as well. I also interned at a busy office during pilot season a few years ago. I knew I always liked the casting side - I just wasn't sure how much until now.
It has been SO fast paced and exciting! I find myself not wanting to leave at the end of the day, and looking forward to getting back there when I'm gone. I feel this sense of accomplishment while I'm working there - like I'm being so incredibly productive. I love that feeling! :)
And what is so awesome is that this casting director is really giving us a lot of responsibility in our tasks. I'm NOT being sent out on grocery runs or to buy stamps. I'm calling agents like ICM and William Morris to schedule their A-list clients to come in to read for a series regular on a new show. Today I arrived and immediately the CD (casting director) asked me to come into the room and read with the actors auditioning. That was awesome to see the choices that other actors make in the audition room. And the mistakes that happen as well. I even brought in a headshot of a friend of mine who I thought would be great as one of the characters and they set it up to see her later this week. :) I have to say, I was elated to know I had a part in giving someone an opportunity such as this. That was pretty amazing! Can you imagine if she went on to book this??!!! Wow!
This has been an amazing exerience so far, and it's only been two days!


Blogger jenny m said...

Sounds fantastic Lydia! As an actor, I've been thinking of trying to intern at a casting office to see "behind the scenes" -- any advice on best way to reach out to CDs to see who needs an extra hand? Thanks and so glad you're loving it!!

5:23 PM  
Blogger Lydia Blanco said...

Hi Jenny!
Try checking out this link:

7:00 PM  
Blogger jenny m said...

Thanks Lydia! Will do :)

7:04 PM  
Blogger Amy Price said...

Awww, that's so exciting! And it's a great read after you were so down about your missed audition last week. You couldn't have written two more different posts!

9:02 PM  

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