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Friday, March 20, 2009

USC Student Film

I had an audition for Gustavo, a USC grad film today. That's huge since I don't really do student films anymore. That goes to show you just how slow these auditions are getting for me. I just need to be busy doing something. Some kind of work.
I wasn't even going to show up to this audition today. By the time I got out of work, and got on the freeway, I saw how crazy traffic was. I was about to turn around and just go home. Apparently President Obama was in town so freeways were shut down for some reason. I got to my audition 20 minutes late. :(
I met the producer and director and had a very nice chat/interview before my read. I was a little nervous because the script was in Spanish and we all know that Spanish is not my strong suit. I stumbled a bit through my first couple of reads, then I started to feel more comfortable. They were both very sweet and I felt good about it. As I was walking out, I had to smile because I didn't blow this audition off. Whether I do this film or not, it was a nice experience nonetheless.
I offered to send them actor friends of mine for the title role in this film just in case they were having a hard time casting. I also told them i would try and help them find the 2 kids they needed (a 2 yr old boy and an 8 yr old boy. They seemed very appreciative. :)
Off to Texas for a week to await the arrival of my neice's baby. She's due any day now and hopefully she's waiting until I get there to arrive!


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