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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still Waiting for an Audition

Wow, I'm really trying to stay positive, even though today is March 15th and I've had one commercial audition all year - and nothing else! :( I was thinking back to last year and by this time, I had shot a Guest star role on The Virgin of Akron pilot in Vancouver. Two weeks of work in Canada! Wow, I was on top of the world! Well, like I always say, this career definately has it's ups and downs. And since I feel like I'm in the downward swing - there's nowhere to go but UP - right?
I did see a few projects that I'd like to submit myself for, regardless if my manager and agent have already threw my hat in the ring for them. On Monday I plan to hit the pavement and drop off at those offices, praying to generate an audition or something!
My neice is coming into town today for her Spring Break, so it will be nice to have family around for Easter. :)
The upside to all this "free time" I've been having lately (due to no auditions or work), I have been hitting the gym pretty hard. :) Lost 4 pounds last week. Cool!


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