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Friday, March 28, 2008

Days Like These...

Well, what can I say about yesterday? It was awesome!!! :) I can get used to days like these...
My first audition of the day was for Little Britain and it went very well. The guy who was the reader in the room actually noticed on my resume that I was in Curb Your Enthusiasm. I guess that sparked his memory, because he asked if I played Maria, Larry's housekeeper. The casting associate asked what episode and the reader proceeded to explain my whole episode and said it was his favorite. That was very flattering. Then I did my audition, and had a great read. She gave me an adjustment, which I did pretty well, and that was it. I left feeling very good about that audition. :)
Then I was off to audition for Lost. I was there early so I worked on my sides some more in my car. When I walked into the audition room, the casting associate said she thought she had cast me in Lost already and was looking on my resume and couldn't find the credit. I told her that I was "pinned" before, but hadn't booked Lost - YET. :) I had a good first read and she gave me an adjustment, and I did that pretty well. Then I was off to my next one.
I stopped by my manager's office to pick up a check and chatted a little about my auditions and about the BIG one that was next. The series regular for Kath and Kim. I headed off to Universal Studios about a half hour earlier than my audition time. Good thing I did, because when I got there, I couldn't get on the lot. Apparently they moved and I was given the wrong location for the audition. I called my manager and she gave me the new address which was on Sunset in Hollywood. I had 25 minutes to get there now. I was nervous that I would be late, but she put in a call for me to let them know the situation.
I got there fast. 10 minutes early for my audition time and I only saw two other girls that were reading for my same character. Neither one was my type. I went in and did a preread with Collin (Daniel)and Bret (Greenstein). I felt really good about it. He asked for only half the scene when I walked in, which was fine. That first half was the part I was most comfortable with anyway. My energy was high and I hit all my jokes and beats, so all in all it was a good audition. They laughed at my funny moments, but afterwards they were hard to read. They didn't give any adjustments. They thanked me for coming in and that was it. Not quite sure how they felt about it at the end. I felt good about it. I think my audition was good enough to get me the callback, but we'll see.
By the time I got home, I had a tension headache from all the excitement and stress from the day. I was exhausted!
I rested for a bit and headed off to see a friend of mine (Fanny Veliz) in a play: Real Women Have Curves - The Musical. It was nice to be surprised with other friends of mine in the cast. Tina D'marco who played my mom in the same production 2 years ago in Santa Barbara, reprised her role. And my friend Danny Bolero, who I worked on the short film Graveyard Shift, was also in this show. It was great to see them all in this workshop production of the new musical. :)


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Congrats, sounds like it all went very well. *Fingers crossed* =)

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