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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last Minute Audition!

I had an audition today (weird, on a Saturday!) for a national commecial for ExxonMobile. I have been here for 7 years and still have never booked a national commercial! I swear I do everything backwards! It was straight to the callback, and they were looking for real teachers - more so than actors. So I didn't give them a headshot and walked in there as if this was all new to me. :) We had to act like we were teaching a chemistry lesson - but I swear I have never taught molecules to my 4th graders! Or my kindergartners!! haha I explained to them that I work for LAUSD and we are just trying to get them to READ and do basic math! ahh, the public school system!
But I faked it as much as possible, (or as much as I could remember about atoms and molecules - which isn't much!) and then somehow went into lessons on Health and Algebra. I was stretching folks! Trying to teach what I knew! They seemed to like me, they were smiling a lot, or maybe they were thinking I was just crazy! Who knows!
I hear the writer's strike is coming to an end this weekend and we should all be working again in the next couple of weeks! YAY!!! Can't wait!!!!
3 months is a very long time!


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