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Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'll Pass

My manager called me with my first theatrical audition for the year. It was a for one of the only pilots that is casting right now, Danny Fricke. I was excited....and then I read the sides and saw what the role was. It was a housekeeper. With one line. In Spanish.
Man, as desperate as I am to work, I REALLY don't want to play another maid. And when I do consider playing a maid again, she better be the lead character of the show or movie, or play an important role to the storyline...not just come in and serve dinner! It was pretty frustrating because last year's pilot I was a guest star lead, and now they are coming to me with a small one line maid role? I'm trying to move forward, not take steps back. So I passed. I really wanted to meet this casting director, but I have faith that I will get called in again, and hopefully it's for a nice juicy guest star role.


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