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Monday, February 25, 2008

Believe in Yourself

I have learned so much about people and the way they go after the things they want in life, while living here in LA, pursuing my career.
I have learned that there are people who know what to do to make things happen and are just too lazy to make it happen - and there are people who don't have a clue, but are eager and hungry for that knowledge. I think the latter are the ones that will actually succeed. To me, it's a math problem.... 1 + 1 = 2. 0 + 0 does not equal anything at all - meaning you can't expect to get something for nothing, zero effort will give you zero results.
I also have learned that I can tell someone exactly what they should do to make their career move forward, but it's up to them to be in the driver's seat. I can't do it for them.
I really do try and stay positive and have faith that things will all work out in my career, and I highly recommend that attitude for everyone out there, in everything that you do.
I had someone ask me, who happens to have a negative attitude about herself and career (we're working on that), if I felt that the majority of actors in this town thought like me, or like her. My response was "I think the actors that work, think like me, and the actors that don't work, think like you." Because I honestly don't believe you can get far with a negative attitude. There is no way you can walk into every audition with "I can't do this" on your mind and walk out of there with a booking.
Belief in yourself goes a long way.


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