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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Back to Acting...

Well, this week I was a working actor - again. Yeah, I know, I was supposed to put this whole acting career behind me now that I moved on to my next role as "mommy". I guess old habits are hard to break. ;) This week I worked on the PBS Series The Latino Americans in San Antonio. It was nice...I got put up in a nice hotel and brought along my family for two nights. I only shot one day, but it was a LONG day! I met a lot of great people and had a great time working on this project. There were TWO directors on this! I've never worked with two directors directing the same episode. That was interesting! I thought it would be difficult since they would have two points of view on how they wanted things shot - but they worked together well. We filmed in this beautiful historical house in the King Williams area.
I played a very homely looking woman (Sorry Francisca - my character) so no makeup, hair split down the middle, tons of clothing making me look like a ball of fabric. Fun fun fun. Not the best thing for my self esteem right after having a baby! I don't even want to post a pic of myself since I looked so horrible! The Actor's Fair was this weekend in Austin. I was so excited and pleased to see it all come together. We have an actual professional community here! I worked the SAG-AFTRA table along with giving info on the Austin Actor's Conservatory and TXMPA. I met a lot of different actors and am excited to get more involved in this community. Just not sure in what capacity just yet. If I ever peel myself from the acting world, maybe I can venture off into other areas full time like I had planned. I ended up auditioning for Drop Dead Diva this weekend also. (Not a strong effort in stepping away, huh?) When the opportunities come, I can't seem to say no. My audition was difficult. I think it was because it was an emotional scene and when you are not feeling it 100%, it feels fake. Not sure why it was so hard for me this time around. Maybe because I took a year and a half off? Not sure. But I left that audition with a strong reminder why I wanted to quit acting altogether. I felt like I sucked! Then the PBS shoot happened and I felt good again. Go figure! In other news... My baby girl is 2 months old today and Nicolas is 8 months old! My how time flies!


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