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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Year Gone...

Yes. Its true. I'm another year older. I celebrated with family on Sunday in Corpus Christi. The day after my high school reunion. It's funny how fast you can revert back to your high school self once you see those old friends. Its as if no time had gone by - for most of us. ;) I had a good time even though I debated about going for some time now. It was kind of weird when people were talking about my acting career and would introduce me as the "actress in Hollywood". I quickly corrected them with "I used to be... I'm a mom now." Maybe that was the weird part. It's feeling more and more normal as each day goes by. Ivy is growing bigger every day - she will be 3 months in a week. And Nicolas turned 9 months today. He is so big! Almost walking now. And Ivy just chats away with full on facial expressions. She's going to be just like her momma - a chatterbox. :) This was probably the first birthday where I wasn't a little bit depressed. On every birthday I've always felt like something was missing. Like I should be DOING something, or experiencing something else. And this year, it felt good to spend it with my family. Now that these years are going by faster, it's less about me and getting older, and more about my babies and how much they are growing!


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