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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keeping Busy

I got called in to audition for The Cape yesterday. :) I interned for Risa on the pilot earlier this year, so I was very happy that she brought me in for a small role of a teacher in a flashback. I had auditioned for a detective role on the pilot, but had to pull my name out of the running because I had booked that other pilot, Awkward Situations for Men. Oh well...we'll see. maybe I will finally get to work on this show afterall!
I just got the call today that I have to do ADR on the film I did this summer, Little Birds, in a couple of weeks. That's always fun :)
Then I have to learn my lines for my General Hospital shoot on Monday. Busy busy busy! Never feels like it though...

Workshop tonight, and then my Singing for Actors class on Saturday. Trying to keep busy before I leave next month...


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