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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Third Time's a Charm!

Ok, I went in for my THIRD audition for Kath and Kim, the new Molly Shannon and Selma Blair project today. I originally went in for the role of Heather, then again for the role of Troy, and now for Donna. Donna is one of Kim's (Selma Blair) best friends, just like the other roles, except this character was written for me!!! ;) Or at least it seems like it! She's described as cute (me), with a spark in her eye (me), and a touch of crazy (ummm...). And she has the best lines EVER!!!! Very sarcastic and funny - I love it!
I felt pretty comfortable going in for this role. I was sent straight to producers and it's a possible recurring guest star role, instead of a series regular like the previous two. I thought I did pretty awesome! They laughed in all the right places and I left the audition room really feeling that this role was mine.
Sooooo...we will have to wait and see what happens....


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