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Monday, June 09, 2008

Finally - Commercials!!!

I haven't had a commercial audition all year long! Can you believe that? It's so weird that my career is "backwards" in that I work so much more theatrically than commercially. Most people some to LA and go on more commercial auditions than anything else. That hasn't been the case with me.
Friday was my first commercial audition of 2008. It was for a national Mastercard commercial. It actually went ok. Quick and painless. Today was my second one for a Honda regional commercial. That one could've gone better. For some reason, my head wasn't really in it. And I kept making silly novice mistakes. I should know better. Maybe I have just been out of practice with my commercial side. I'm a little rusty. I have a workshop scheduled for this week, and I need to get my postcards designed and printed for my Weeds episode that should air in a couple of weeks. I have to double check the date on that.
And I have been surprisingly overwhelmed with the support of you Prison Break fans. Somehow a link to my blog was posted on a fansite or message board and I have been contacted by a few hard core fans! That's pretty cool! It was awesome working that show, and I'm a pretty die hard fan of the show myself, so I get the excitement! Thanks again for all the support! :)


Anonymous j-cat said...

Hi Lydia, many Wentworth fans on the fanboard Excommunicated are reading your blog since someone discovered it. It is so exciting to know someone who actually had an 'inside experience', and to think that we are actually going to see YOU on tv! I am so excited!! Lucky you, and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

2:22 AM  

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