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Monday, December 03, 2007

My Busy Day!

Today was pretty stressful!
I got a call around 5pm on Friday that I had an audition for today at 1pm. Straight to producers for Eli Stone - again! :) (YAY! I love that this office keeps calling me in for this show - now if I would just book an episode already!) :) I was stressed because I didn't have time to cancel my subbing work for today so I showed up to work and told them my situation and they let me leave during lunch to do the audition. I told them I would try and be back around 1:30 - making me a half hour late from lunch.
I zoomed to the UDK Casting office and got there by 12:45pm! I was early!!! I sat and waited - and waited - and waited some more! Finally, around 1:15pm, and because a friend let me go ahead of her since she knew I had to get back to work, I finally was getting called in to audition. Then, right as I was about to walk into the room - the casting director asks if its ok that the producers take a 5 minute break before they see the next group of actors!! of course, they would need to take a break right before I go in when I'm in a hurry to get back to work! haha So after their 5 minute break - which was really 10 minutes - I go into the audition room.
I had written "Just Booked ER!" on my resume before I walked in and I had handed it to a gentleman in the right side of the room, whom I assumed was one of the producers. He read it and congratulated me on the booking. :) Then he asked me who the director was on my episode! Of course he would! I mean, my memory is horrible enough as it is, and under all this stress and pressure of being put on the spot - I couldn't for the life of me remember the director's name!!! ARGH!!!! (It's Stephen Cragg, by the way!)
So as I stumbled about trying to remember the man's name, the director and producer start to tease me about the importance of remembering the director AND producer's name and even joked that the audition was over before it even started! OUCH! I laughed and said that I was so focused on THIS opportunity that I blocked everything else out! haha Yeah, nice save! So I went ahead and did my scene. They asked for it again, without any adjustments really - just to see it again, I guess. It went really well and I was out the door as fast as I could. I made it back to work 20 minutes later than I anticipated! :( Oh well...
Then I headed over to Santa Monica by 3:30pm for a last minute commercial audition for Dodge Crysler. That went well also. :)
By the time I got to my car, I had a message from my agent telling me I was put "On Avail" for Eli Stone! YAY!!!! That just means they have to check my availability and check their tentative shooting dates and make final casting decisions before I actually BOOK the job - but it's pretty damn close! :) And of course, the dates for my Avail is December 11 thru the 22nd....and my plane ticket to Texas for the holidays is December 19th! Hopefully they will take into consideration my travel plans and BOOK me for a date sometime before the 19th! :) If not, I don't mind changing my flight to work on one more show before the end of the year! :)


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