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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Hope You Didn't Blink!

I saw my episode of Notes From the Underbelly last night. I was in the very beginning of it and it was over very fast. :( You know what's weird about this business? I have been here for 7 years (almost) and I started off here doing background work and have worked my way "up" to booking roles on tv and film. And after all the auditioning I do, and stressing out, and praying that I book a job - when I do, it's all over so very quickly. Sometimes a job I book is such a small role that it wasn't that much different than being an extra, except with that whole "having a line" thing - and auditioning for the role... :)
I have to admit it's a little frustrating at times. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and shouting "Just give me my own show already!!!!" :) But I know it will all come in due time. Everything happens as it's supposed to, right? hmm...I hope so...
I spoke to my manager today and she told me that Speilberg on Speilberg DVD that I'm featured in came in already. I have to pick it up this week. :) I'm so curious to see what was used.
I'm still waiting to hear if I officially booked Eli Stone. Still on "Avail" as of now...
And UGH...the strike!!! I wish it was over already! Things do not look good. They were at the negotiating table until recently. The studios are not budging. Pilot season looks very bleak... :( maybe I should do a play. somewhere.


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