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Monday, September 10, 2007

TWO Auditions!!

I got a last minute phone call letting me know I had two auditions for this afternoon! Luckily what I wore to teach today, easily fit for the other two characters. :) The first audition was for Women's Murder Club, Megan Branman Casting. I went in for a Lamaze teacher. It went really well. I got to do it twice, and my redirected one went way better than my first. So we'll see...
My second audition was playing a mom for Hannah Montana. I just can't wait to book this show since I know so many young people who would be extremely excited if I got to meet and work with Miss Hannah Montana herself! And I just love Carol (Goldwasser) and Howard (Meltzer) over at that office! They are so nice!
SO fact, I have another audition for one of their other shows tomorrow!


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