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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Journeyman and Eli Stone

I auditioned to play "uniformed cop" on Journeyman. It's funny how everyone up for that role showed up in all black! I guess we all had the same vision as to what a uniformed cop looked like! One girl even came in with a holster filled with handcuffs and her night stick. I was a little worried about this audition because I've been kinda sick all week, and yesterday was probably the worst I had felt. I wasn't sure how I would say "Up against the wall. NOW!" while sniffling and coughing. ;) But luckily I got it together and did a pretty decent job. It looked like Robert Ulrich (of UDK) really seemed to like me. He said something like "wonderful" and started jotting down notes on a post-it note on my headshot. I'm hoping he wrote "callback" or something! :) We'll see...
Now, Monday I'm going straight to producers for Eli Stone. Small role. But I have to keep telling myself the victory is in the "straight to producers" call, and not be bummed at the fact that I keep getting called in for a one liner after I was considered for a series regular. I just have to go in and do awesome so they decide to make me a recurring character! :) Or remember me for the next series regular role on a pilot!


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