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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TWO Auditions Today!

I did another one of my famous juggling acts today! I had two auditions AND I was subbing a first grade class!
Luckily for me, this school loves me :) so they preferred that I go to my audition and come back, than to get another sub for the whole day. Wow.
So I went to my first audition at 10am. It was for The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I saw lots of different types there for the role of a tech who draws blood. I felt it went pretty well, and the casting directors didn't seem to remember my bad audition YEARS ago. least they didn't act like they did! I headed back to school and finished off my day.
I rushed over to Warner Brothers and I was 15 minutes late to my 2:30pm audition for The New Adventures of Old Christine. Not good. At all. My audition was ok, but I really wish I could've made it earlier. They initially wanted me at noon but since I had to go back to school after my first one, I was hoping they could see me at 11am and I could go to work afterwards. The audition block was 11 to 12:30pm. Well, 11am didn't work for them and we agreed on 2:30. And then I show up late. Ugh!
I really wish the school let me get another sub for today. I need to stop running around and stressing over making it there and back on time. The audition is what hurts in the process - and I can't afford that!
Ok, I need new headshots with this new short haircut - but I don't want to spend a lot of money since I just did that last August! :(
Any referrals?


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