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Monday, June 20, 2011

Well, we open this Friday. ARGH!!!!! Lol. Actually, it's coming along nicely. This is a very funny play and everyday I'm growing more and more confident in my character. Hopefully by opening night, I'll have it down! :). We started tech rehearsal last night. So this week we are running the show every night and added lights, sound, costumes, etc.
I do have some great news to report. That feature film I was producing a few months ago, HOMEBOUND, is ready to start casting and I was asked to be the casting director! So this will be my first SAG feature film and it will begin shooting in July in El Campo, Texas (just outside of Houston). Pretty exciting stuff!
It's crazy how much my life has changed in 6 short months, yet I have everything I've ever wanted. Proof that if you open up your mind and heart, everything will fall into place. I couldn't be happier :-)


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