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Monday, June 27, 2011

Now Casting!

This week has been awesome!
I really am the happiest I've ever been in my entire life! I know that is a lofty statement - but it's true. :)
The play I'm in officially opened on Friday. I feel much beter about it and am having a great time! It runs 4 weeks!

I started the casting process for the film Homebound. It has been so much fun! It gives me that butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach - that's how much I love doing this!

I put out an official breakdown for what I'm currently casting for and sides are posted on Showfax. We are hiring SAG and non union actors because it's a SAG Low Budget feature film.
We are shooting in El Campo and I hope to use a lot of the locals in the film as well.

So here are the roles I'm casting right now:
FREDDY C - Male 25-35. African American. Grew up in the projects in the small town of El Campo, TX. Just got out of jail. He's the best friend to our lead character. He's the voice of wisdom. Charming and Charasmatic, preferably in the music industry with RAP experience.

SEBASTIAN - 6-8. Cute and precocious. Must speak English and Spanish fluently. This is kid is very bright. He serves as a translator for his Venezuelan mother. Must have work permit.

LETTY - Female 60-80, Hispanic. The matriarch of the family. She is not affected by her age. A strong Christian

CAROLINE - 30. Any ethnicity. Used to be very beautiful in High School. Now after having three girls and working at Whataburger, she's not the same as she used to be...PLEASE SUBMIT OVERWEIGHT ACTRESSES

BROTHER MARK - 45-65. Male. A baptist preacher. He's a prominent figure in the town. Strong Presence.

If you are willing to work as a local hire in El Campo and want to be considered for one of these roles, or any of the smaller roles I still need to cast, you can submit your picture and resume to


Blogger R. del Arsante' said...

Sah-sweet deal Lydia! I can picture you producing lots of films in the future. I understand your journey. When I first left L.A. for Houston, things seemed to just blossom after my 2nd month in the new city. I was able to focus on a lot of things that were unreachable in L.A. Doesn't it feel amazing? With that said, keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing 'Homebound' when all is complete.

Best wishes ~Rob

4:23 PM  

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