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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is SUCCESS?

I remember when I was finishing college, of our our professors, the amazing J. Don Luna, would pull aside the graduating actors and ask what success meant to us. I never really thought about it in a serious way. I usually thought about it in a dreamer's way. Success would be having my own TV series! Seeing myself on the big screen!
But when I made myself really ask that question to myself, I had to explore what success really meant to me. And back then, my measure of success was "to have a career as an actor". Simply to make my living doing it. Solely acting. I didn't need to be famous, or rich, or even star in my own show. Just simply making a living. Being able to write down "Actor" where it asked what my profession was.
Cut to: 13 years later (yikes - that's how long it's been since college??) and I'm actually living my dream. Successful by what my definition was at that time. And now I'm reevaluating what success means to me NOW - and it's shifted a bit.
What success is for me now is being happy doing something I love. Living a full life with balance - not just a career, but with friends and family. Waking up excited to live my life. Making a difference in other people's lives. Motivating and inspiring others.
Moving forward. Progressing.
I'm working toward my success.


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