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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Next Move

It's been so quiet and dead lately that I think I actually see tumbleweeds going by in my career.
I haven't updated this blog lately, because frankly, I haven't been doing much as an actor lately.
The webseries I produced had a successful launch last week! It's officially on! Check it out: The Best Friend
The hardest part about producing is not having the creative input I would have if it was something I created. I'm basically helping someone else's vision come to life - and that's great - but the frustrating part is not being able to utilize my creativity. Looks like I need to just go ahead and create my own projects. Better brush up in the writing!
Good thing I still have my master class with Howard Fine which keeps me working on something. It definately helps, especially when I haven't had an audition in ages.
I have to be honest, lately I'm been thinking about moving back to Texas. You see, every year for the past 10 years I've thought about it. And yes, it does usually come when it's super slow for me and I'm frustrated. But this is different. These past 10 years have flown by. And that's both good and bad. Good because it feels like I've accomplished a lot in 10 years. More than most people could dream of in this kind of career. And bad because another 10 years could go by and I could still be in the same position doing the same thing. I just feel that the quality of life in Texas would be vastly different. I'd be surrounded by family and friends, I could do what the rest of the world is doing and actually have a family of my own. You know, that whole "BBQ on the weekends" business that I often hear about and envy, while I'm just here focused on this career. I really feel like a full life is what I'm lacking. I've always said I didn't want to wake up one day and I'm 60 and I forgot to have a family of my own. That's a scary thought. And there is something very frustrating about the instability of my career. I really do hate that one day I'm making so much money for working a few days on set, and the next day I have no clue how I will pay next month's rest. It sucks.
So I've been thinking alot about a relocation. Maybe to San Antonio or Austin. I love both of those cities! Maybe I can start on these projects that I need to create and produce for myself. Maybe this is an opportunity to bring back what I have learned and experieced to the community where I'm from. Teach them what I wish I could've learned before I made that move to Hollywood 10 years ago.
And who knows, maybe I take a year and do this and relaize I hate it and need to move back to LA. Then at least I know. But maybe I do this and realize this was the most perfect decision I could've made for me at this point. You never know. Unless you just do it. Right?


Blogger char said...

as long as this doesn't mean you're giving up! because if you give up, i might as well give up! you inspire so many! we all just want you to be happy. sending good energy.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Lydia Blanco said...

Thanks Char!
Give up? please!! Never been in my vocabulary! But moving on to ensure happiness? Never opposed to that!
And people only give up when they feel they have failed. I have succeeded in everything I set out to do. :)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Edward Kane said...

Don't come to Austin. You're not wanted here. Our market here is saturated enough.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Lydia Blanco said...

Dear Edward,
Considering I was in Austin, working in that market before I moved to LA, I will always consider it home. And home will always welcome me back with open arms - whether you do or not. :-P
Don't worry - I'll try not to take all of your jobs... ;)

12:09 AM  

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