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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Casting All Around

Today was busy!
It started with our casting session for the webseries I'm producing (and now casting - at least for this one role.) I put a breakdown out this week and got over 500 submissions. We narrowed it down to about 35 actors we wanted to meet. About 8 or 9 confirmed and didn't show up. Weird. I just don't get that. But the ones that kept their appointment did a great job! It was a tough day auditioning all these good looking men for the role of Rick, the fiance to the ingenue! haha
I had to leave in the middle of the session to audition for a play. That went really well - I have a callback on Wednesday. Then I headed back and finished our session and then headed to the studio to see the Singing for Actors class. It's been a long and exhausting day!
Tomorrow I shoot the OnStar commercial so I get to be pregnant all day. Fun fun fun. :) Since I'm shooting on a Sunday, it's double pay. Can't me mad about that!
My camera broke so the only pics I'll be able to take are from my phone. :( Oh well...I'll try.


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