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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ah, Friday was pretty amazing!
I worked on the Untitled Ivan Reitman Film on Friday of last week. I had a great time, and everyone I worked with was really awesome! :) But let me just say...Natalie Portman is probably the lovliest actress I have ever worked with! She is just so physically beautiful of course, but she is also the sweetest person ever! :) I did get to see Ashton Kutcher for a bit...he was pretty nice and funny as well. The biggest treat was meeting and chatting with Cary Elwes!. Ah, I remember him fondly from The Princess Bride and Robin Hood, Men in Tights. He was a joy to work with.
And Ivan Reitman was AWESOME! Love that man! It was an honor to be alongside a great cast and crew and such an incredible director! I'm truly humbled!


Blogger Minou said...

Dear Lydia,

that sounds wonderful! Enjoy filming with these fantastic people!

Cheers, Minou

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed chatting with Carey (thanks again)! I remember him best from The Crush. Way to go Squids! -lett

2:06 PM  

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