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Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Wet Week!

ok, This week was pretty much a bust. I started getting sick on Saturday and I was laid up in bed all of Sunday and Monday. So much for the three day holiday weekend! I wasn't completely 100% back to normal, but I ended up back at work on Tuesday, heavily medicated on cough syrup.
I did have one commercial audition yesterday, that I actually made it to. It was for Merrick Pharmaceuticals and I was in for the role of a nurse. They just snapped some pictures of me and asked me some questions: Do I own a dog? (in texas) Do I do yoga? (I've taken 2 classes - ever) Can I drive a motorcycle? (I can ride as a passenger!) Do I rock climb? (I'm willing to give it a try)
Yeah, pretty random questions.
The weather here has been HORRIBLE!!! It rained non stop this week! And today was so bad that some of the streets were just completely flooded! I'm SO happy that it's Friday and I'm here in my cozy house. I don't plan on doing anything - until next Wednesday - when I fly out to Texas! :)
Unless of course, they call me to sub on Monday or Tuesday.
Or if by some miracle, I have an audition...
God, I would love an audition. A FILM audition. :)


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