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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great Film!

It was another rainy day here in southern California, so I decided to stay in and finally watch one of my SAG screeners that were sent to me. (free dvds!!!) I popped in No Country for Old Men, and I was loving it from the start! And WOW, Javier Bardem was awesome!!! And even though I had some issues with some scenes that left some questions unanswered, I thought it was a great film with an equally great cast! :) It was also a nice surprise to see my friend, Kathy Lamkin, pop up. I didn't know she was in this, and she did a great job as well!
Tomorrow I have an audition for a USC television pilot. They kinda just emailed me after finding me on NowCasting. It's a non paid SAG gig, but since not much else is happening, I'll go and check it out. Who knows, it could win some festivals or get sold to a never know.


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