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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update :)

Wow - I used to be SO good about updating my blog.  My apologies to my readers.  It just seems like ever since I had kids, I have no time for anything!  Lol
Well, a small update:  I'm currently participating in The Austin Latino New Play Festival.  We are presenting staged readings of 3 new plays to an audience this weekend.  I haven't been on stage in 2 years!  Thankfully it's just a reading and I don't have to memorize my entire script!  It was 2 weeks of rehearsal.  That I can handle...
I'm sending the kiddos off to school this fall.  Twice a week for a few hours each day, so that gives me time to get back to work.  I can't wait to dive back into casting!  I just read that the NBC show Revolution may start shooting out here in Austin.  I would LOVE to cast a TV show here in Austin!  It would be awesome to give all these wonderful actors opportunities!
On the family side of things...  My baby girl, Ivy Rose is fully a toddler now.  I have 2 toddlers roaming around my house  - which means I'm running after 2 kids and picking up tons of toys!  Taking them to a park by myself is impossible!  So I try to save that for when daddy is off, like the weekends...  We try to fill up our week with playdates with other toddlers, storytime at the library and crafts at a local BabyEarth.  It's crazy ho much they are learning, and imitating!  LOL  I have to watch what I say and how I say it, because they give it right back to me!
These past 2 years have both flown by and seem like an eternity!  It's just been 2 1/2 years that I've been back in Texas.  It's crazy how much life can change in such a short time.  :)


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