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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Year Mark

We are coming up on two years back in Austin.  Two years happens to be the exact time I lived here last time.
It was right after graduating college.  I came to Austin because I wanted to start a professional career as an actress, but I wasn't ready to make the move to Hollywood just yet.  I accomplished a lot in those 2 short years.  I secured my first agent, used professional headshots, worked on film for the first time, and even booked lead roles in independent feature films.  In those 2 short years, I grew up a lot, as a person and an actor, and I was ready to fully go after my dream.  I knew that meant having to go back to square one, humbling myself, and working as an extra for a year and a half before booking my first speaking role on TV.
For my 10 years in LA, I've thought about moving back to Austin several times.  At every anniversary, I would reminisce about my short time in Austin and how much I loved living there, the great people I met in my short time, and the awesome experiences I had.  I would often say that Austin is where I would love to settle down and raise a family.  I remember towards the end of my 10 years there, talking to a friend of mine about how I missed Austin and I would love to move back again someday...and she finally said "Lydia!  You say that every year!  You should just do it already!"
I thought to myself..."Yes.  She's right.  I say that every year.  What's holding me back?"
I think it was the fear of leaving something I worked so hard for.  This dream that I've always had.  I made it part of my identity.  If I left - what would I do, who would I be?
I had to leave when it felt right for me.  When I was finally ready to step away and focus on something else.
It's funny how my life came full circle.  I've noticed that a few times in my life.  I remember working as an extra many times on the show Strong Medicine - and it was so surreal when I booked that show as my first job.  Arriving to set, and not going straight to the extras holding room and "checking in" - but finding an AD and being led to my dressing room.  I remember sitting in the makeup chair, enjoying every minute of this full circle experience.  I was on cloud 9.
And here I am today, back in Austin for two years now, raising my family and calling Austin home again.  It was around this time in my first stay in Austin that I was packing up and getting ready for a move to Hollywood.  How much I have changed since then!  How much of life I have experienced and lived!  I feel like I'm 80 years old!  haha  But I am grateful for everything I've been through in my life:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.  All those experiences have led me to here.  Now.
It feels good to be home.  :)


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