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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This Week

Rehearsals began this week for Lightning Strikes, the play written by my friend Erica Saez, that will be performed as a staged reading in about 2 weeks. It's so nice to be in rehearsals again. It's been so long - I forgot what it was like! I wasn't sure if my memory could memorize a full script anymore - but good thing it's a reading and not a full on production! And I have to say, there is a calm in this sort of work. I'm not on edge and I'm not stressed. And it's so not about "business" - or who will be in the audience the night we perform this, will they bring me in for pilot season? None of that matters. People are doing this because they love doing it - not because it will further their career. And ahhh....That's all I want right now. If I perform, it's because I want to and not for a paycheck. :) What a different way of life here in Austin Texas. I tell you, I must've been burnt out with the "business" of it all, but this feels sooooo good - just what I needed.
I also finished my paperwork with Theater Action Project this week. It's a Theater in Education program that I'm so excited to be back involved with! As I said earlier, I toured a show with TAP before I moved to LA, over 10 years ago! And I'm back on as a teaching artist, doing after school theater programs at different schools. I'm supposed to begin shadowing another Teaching Artist this week, and I may start at a middle school next week. Is it crazy that I'm nervous? haha I don't know why... Maybe because I haven't worked with solely middle school age kids in a while. Normally my kids acting classes at Actorsite were mixed ages. I have to learn the structure and curriculum, which I guess makes me nervous since I usually did everything myself in my classes. And I feel like compared to these other Teaching Artists, my "expertise" may lie in television and film, more on-camera experience, than stage since it's been so long.
And even though TAP may keep be busy from 4-6 most days, I'll still need to find a full time job eventually... I mean, my residuals won't last forever, you know?
And I'm looking for representation here in Austin, in the hopes that maybe that will keep me busy for the time being. I'm sure it won't be like LA, where people go on auditions many times a day (I never did), but maybe I can book a commercial or industrial, or even a low budget film to bring in some extra money... My Houston agent hasn't really called me at all for the past 3 months.


Blogger Tim said...

So glad to hear things are going good and are less stressful for you. Good luck with the teaching!

11:55 AM  

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