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Monday, January 10, 2011

They say "Everything Happens for a Reason"

I never knew why I felt like I was ready to leave Hollywood and come back to Texas. It didn't make sense to family, friends or colleagues. I just felt like I was ready to head back. And that's because I was still working steadily!
But once I got here, I realized that everything happens for a reason. There is no place I'm supposed to be right now than here and now.
This month I have spent the holidays with family, fell in love, took care of two small children, reconnected with old friends, and let's not forget, got my Texas license plates! This move may not have made sense in the beginning - but where I am now - it makes TOTAL sense. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be: At the beginning of my new road that I'm traveling on. :)
My future is beginning and I couldn't be happier :)


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