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Friday, January 21, 2011


My current project is in the works. It's a feature film called HOMEBOUND, written and directed by my friend Fanny Veliz. The plan is to shoot in El Campo, Texas, a small town outside of Houston where our lead actor, Jeremiah Ocanas, is from. We are set to shoot in March 2011, (that's just two more months!!!!) but we need the remainder of our budget to do so. We are trying to raise $150,000 in order to shoot this film. It's a small budget, but we are hoping to use our contacts and resources to get the best film we can!
I'm one of the producers on this project as well as an actress in the film. We are using a website called KICKSTARTER to raise the funds. We need YOUR help! Contribute what you can! There are perks with every contribution. To see the video and learn more, click HERE


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