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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Final Countdown

First off, I am so sorry for not writing more often. I promised earlier this year that I would blog more often. I will try and be better from here on out...

So, let's get the update started... Today I had a callback for an HBO promo. It's a very funny scene about two women in a waiting room talking about a pen. After waiting an hour and a half to get seen today, we finally go in to do the scene for a room full of executives. We go into our scene and I felt like it was good - we were funny - and there was nothing but deafening silence in the room. We switch roles and do the scene again. Again, I thought I was pretty damn funny - crickets. Oh well. Watch us book it anyway! haha

I guess I haven't made the "official" announcement: I am moving out of Hollywood and back to Texas. I'm sure most of you saw this coming. Especially with my frustrated previous posts. One day I was talking to a friend and saying that maybe I should just relocate back to Austin or San Antonio and she said "Lydia, you keep talking about it - why don't you just do it already!" She was joking around, but the reality was - I WAS always talking about it. I think every year for the past 10 years, I've talked about it. Then it dawned on me...why DON'T I just move back? I've been here 10 years, I've been very fortunate to have the career I've had, I've had an amazing time and was living my dream. I'm ready for the next adventure. The next stage of my life. My career has always been front and center these past 10 years. I think I'm ready to have something else front and center. Maybe it's time for a family...? All I know is I'm ready for a change of pace, a change of scenery. I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life.
And that starts in 10 days!
I'm leaving LA the morning of December 12th. Crazy huh? I'm so excited about the future! The unknown! I have this incredible freedom right now. I can go anywhere, I can do anything...and I want to be back in Texas near close friends and family. Maybe I'll start writing, or casting, or film producing. Maybe I'll teach, or direct, or do more theater. Shoot, maybe I'll become an agent or manager - or something completely unrelated to the business....Who knows! Maybe I'll do it all. :)

So, as I pack this last week, and get ready for my huge life change, I'm thinking of a new title for this blog - considering I won't be in Hollywood anymore. Hmmm...Maybe "Lydia's Journey BEYOND Hollywood"? Yeah, I like that... :)


Blogger Nicole J. Butler said...

Congratulations, Lydia. I wish you the absolute best, and know you have the drive to create your own success at whatever you do. I will continue to follow your journey.



12:39 AM  

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