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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where's My Audience?

I saw In the Heights again this weekend. I love that show! My friend Danny Bolero is in it and he is having an amazing time travelling all over the world! He's heading to Japan in the next couple of months! Awesome! And he has a great role in it! Not to mention is amazing in it! :)
I took a friend of mine who is actually from Washington Heights to see the play for his first time. I was nervous because he doesn't like musicals much and he may be critical of the play considering its his hood. But he really loved it! That was awesome! And we had the opportunity to go backstage with Danny and walkonto the Pantages stage. It's simply breathtaking!
Ok, so yesterday I had an audition for a series regular role on a new half hour sitcom. It was to play the best friend to the lead girl and it was a great character! Some really funny lines! I worked on it all weekend and felt really confident about the work I was doing with it. First of all, let me explain...the character is described as hippy-ish. She's a holistic healer who doesn't care for a lot of makeup or heels. That was described in the breakdown. So, I walk into the auditon room and was surprised to see so many actresses up for the same role - in HEELS and glam makeup. I'm talking, damn near everyone - but me - and maybe one other actress. I thought maybe they changed the description of the character at the last minute and I didn't know. So I felt good about that - thinking, I may be exactly perfect for this role in comparison.
I walked in, I felt really good about my read - the only problem was - I didn;t feel really good about their reaction. I had 4 people in the room, 2 women just watching, 1 running the camera, and a guy reading with me. I hit some of my funny lines....AND SILENCE. Ouch. Something didn't seem right - I mean, I'm pretty damn funny! My timing was right on - you're SUPPOSED to laugh. Hmm... I thought that maybe they hated me. Maybe they didn't think I was so funny or right for the role. I don't know. I walked out feeling not as confident as I walked in. The rest of my day was shot - I have to say. :(
I mean, who knows... It's not unheard of that the office doesn't react but they abolutely love you. I'm just not going to think about it anymore, and if they call me - they call me. End of story.
If I booked this, it would shoot in Atlanta, so I would probably have to relocate.
Everything happens for a reason...
We'll see what happens here.

I'm just an actor - we need an audience. Always.


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