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Friday, November 25, 2016

The JOURNEY Continues

Hey everyone,
So much has happened this year!  Let me catch you up!

January, we decided to move out of our 3 bedroom rental house, giveaway most of our stuff and put into storage the things we couldn't part with.  We moved in with my parents for a few months while we shopped around for an RV.  We had done some research on traveling in an RV fulltime for about a year and had decided to just go for it.  The kids were a good age to where we didn't need to change any diapers, but didn't have to worry about school.  They are Pre-K and Kinder this year and we are "homeschooling" them for now.
We bought our Travel Trailer in May and set off on our journey mid June. 

It has taken us all the way to the west coast and back and now to the east coast.  We plan to see as much of this country as possible!  I am still running my talent agency: and my husband is now hopping around to different companies with his fitness equipment expertise.

So come on over to our other Website/Blog/YouTube Channel and follow our journey around this country!

Not sure when I will be back to update this blog - but I invite you to stay connected with us on our other one!   Also, PLEASE subscribe to our channel:


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