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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Busy Lady

I've been SUPER busy these past few months!
I won't give the many excuses for why I haven't updated lately…  I'll just try and catch you up and be better in the future (fingers crossed).
We landed back in Corpus over the holidays and it's been a lot better than I anticipated.  First of all, I didn't expect to be working this much!  I figured I'd take on a few casting jobs and do it part time, like I did in Austin.  But a small snowball has built into a giant one that I'm trying to keep up with!
I've had back to back casting jobs for local commercials and print which is AWESOME!  I've called on a few actors I've known, as well as the new ones I've found along the way since I've been back.  I'm now getting around to finally having an open call.
I've partnered up with Aurora Arts Theatre who has given me a home for my Business of Acting Workshops that I have developed.  I've had a few now on Headshots and Talent Representation.  Still getting the word out that I'm here.  I'm trying to get the local community ready for these jobs that I bring them in for, and the many jobs that will come soon.  The actors wanting to obtain professional work, whether in this market or other markets in the future, need to learn all the professional basics to make that happen.  That is the whole reason I even developed these workshops.  So when I bring someone in to audition for a client or producer, they come in with a professional headshot and resume, they know how to audition and behave in the audition room, and they are trained to knock it out of the park!  I want the clients to be excited about the talent here - because that will lead to more work.  Word will get around that Corpus Christi is the little hidden secret in the state and hopefully more production will start to come this way - which will be great for everyone!
I've even added acting classes to my plate!  I'm teaching Acting for Beginners classes Saturday mornings and at the end of May, I will add Audition Technique for those actors ready to start booking work!  In June, I'm adding Acting for the Camera classes and this summer we will have a Young Actors Summer Camp!  Oh my God!  That sounds like A LOT!  Lol…  So much for part time!  And all these classes and workshops are in addition to the casting work I am doing!  Exhausting!  But exciting!
I'm excited to bring these opportunities to my hometown.  To be able to offer something that these actors have been looking for!  I can't wait for the day when Corpus is competitive with Austin and Dallas and Houston!
So this week, I'm running around town trying to get the word out about this Open Call I'm having on Saturday.
So if you are an actor with experience, please come to the open call!  If you are someone who has thought about doing this "acting thing", come to the open call!  I want to met everyone who is interested in booking paid acting work so I can keep you on file!

Also, coming up in May:  The Business of Acting Workshop:
This workshop will teach everything you need to know about a career as an actor!  marketing yourself, finding work, auditioning, everything!

I'm hoping to prepare as many actors as I can!  :)


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