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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Home Again

Well, it's a new year, with a new business, in a new city.  Technically not a "new city" since Corpus Christi" has always been "home".
We moved back to town after 3 years in Austin just a couple of weeks ago.  Right before Christmas.  I know...what were we thinking??  The holidays are now over and we are hitting the ground running.  My husband opened his own business called Revive Fitness Services, where he resells and refurbishes exercise equipment.  Since he is literally starting it from the ground up, we have a lot to do to get it up and running.  But since he is so great at what he does, I'm sure we will be rolling along in no time!
I'm now trying to get my casting business situated in the city.  I have two feature films that I will be casting this year and I have many actors I need to meet!  I need to create files for when I'm ready to cast my projects, so I can look here first, before looking in other markets.
My goal is to give the local actors in town the opportunities to work here, without having to travel to other markets for work.  I'm sure they will have to for other jobs, but there is no reason these actors should be forgotten.  I want to educate the community about the business of acting, audition technique, and how to get started in their professional career.  I want Corpus to give Austin and Dallas a run for their money!  It's a beautiful city and I'm sure lots of projects will want to shoot here, so I want them to cast here also!  It's hard because this city doesn't even have talent agencies.  So as a casting director, I would normally reach out to agents for talent.  And there aren't any in town, so I have to find them myself.   This year I plan to reach out to as many prospective clients as I can to get these actors working!
Right now, I am planning a headshot workshop for this spring.  Then soon after (or before?) I will hold an open call to meet some actors.  I plan to visit the community theaters, university, college, high schools, even middle schools to meet the local talent.
I'm excited for these new business ventures for my family.  It's great to be back home where my kids can spend time with their grandparents and extended family!  It was kind of lonely in Austin...
Good to be HOME  :)


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