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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Come on September!

Well well well...
SOMEONE'S busy!  Geez...I have SO MUCH going on this month - it's crazy!  Not that that's an excuse for my break from blogging...  well, actually it is.  :)
Let's see....  We are officially 30 days from our little beach wedding, 2 days away from my bachelorette party/girl's night, exactly 3 weeks away from Nicolas's 2nd birthday party, so my hands have been busy taking care of goody bags, invitations, wedding RSVPs and centerpieces!  Yikes!
And on top of my busy personal life, I am now casting the feature film B.O.O.S.T.  So here I am hosting a fundraiser in Austin for this project, organizing the table read in Los Angeles, and auditioning actors already, way into pre-production.  Did I mention I was busy?
Yet, here I am, updating my blog, instead of packing for our trip to Corpus this weekend, which we leave in just a few hours.  And that's because I JUST finished editing an audition tape for one of my clients.  Oh yeah, on top of it all, I'm still coaching and taping auditions.  Yeah.  And that's still with me being at home with two toddlers.  When did my life get this scary????  LOL
But busy is good.  I don't know if being THIS busy is good considering I'm still kind of sick with a sore throat and cough.
I can't wait for September.  The wedding will be over, birthdays will be done for the year, the kids start school which gives me 2 mornings a week to myself, and I can finally concentrate fully on this new feature film project.  YAY!
I'm excited to be casting again.  It's from a Texan filmmaker who is out in LA.  He wrote this script based on a true story and is bringing it back here to shoot.  I can't wait to start meeting new actors again, and bringing in some of my favorites!
You will be hearing a lot about this new project as we try and get our funding to make this happen!  I'll post details on how you can come support or donate if you feel so inclined!  :)
B.O.O.S.T.  ;)


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