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Friday, March 15, 2013

Just One Hour...Please

Well, this week, I've learned the importance of an hour.
Sometimes all it takes is an hour of grocery shopping by myself to happily call it "me-time".  I can have a day or week, or shoot, even a month, when I am with my kids 24-7 and I need some kind of BREAK.  I think I need a night out with girlfriends or a 4 hour shopping spree, or even a manicure/pedicure - but really all I need is an hour to HEB and I start to actually miss those kids that crawl all over me and don't let me breathe, much less shower!  It's funny how that happens.  I'll bitch about how I need to get away, and when I do, I miss home.  Go figure.
This week has been pretty busy on the "work" front.  I've been taping clients this week for their taped audition submissions and getting ready for the local screening of HOMEBOUND in El Campo this weekend, where it was shot.  I'll be part of the Q&A since I cast the film.
Really excited to see the film on the big screen and see the reactions from the community who made it happen!
Also received my copy of Finding John Smith in the mail today!  The feature film I shot in Iowa a few years ago.  I have yet to see it and I'm pretty anxious to!  It was a great role and an awesome group of people to work with!
SXSW was this week.  It's my 3rd SXSW since moving back to Texas and I haven't been involved in any of them!  I've just been too busy having a family that I haven't really set aside time for it.  But I vow that next year, I plan to have my casting director business cards ready to go for all those producers who come for the festival and want to shoot their amazing projects here!
I plan to crawl out from under my mommy rock and start doing more in the film industry here, now that the babies are growing older.  Can't wait to start casting FULL TIME!  WhoooHooo!!!!  :)
Happy Friday everyone!


Blogger Tim said...

Hope you're finding some "me" time. I'm sure with the two little ones that isn't easy, but do try to find time for yourself. :)

9:49 AM  

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