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Friday, October 05, 2012

Audition #2!

The babies are keeping busy!  
We have our second audition for the babies this weekend.  It's for a national diaper campaign with commercials and print.  It would be awesome if one or both would book it!  What's funny is, they plan to shoot in Round Rock, where we live, and a location scout came by last night to take pics of our home.  You never know, they may end up shooting here AND using US for the commercial! That would just be too awesome.
I've been taking my time about getting an agent in town because I didn't think there would be that much work for them locally.  But it seems like things are picking up!  And I'm on the fence about going out on auditions myself.  I'm going this weekend since its an audition for families with babies, but I don't think I want to get back in the auditioning game for just myself.  I'd rather work in the casting office, finding the talent!  Too bad the casting work out here is not as abundant as it is in LA...
So I've been tossing around the idea about writing something.  Not sure if I want to write a book or a script.  If I write a book, should it be my autobiography about my life and career?  Would anyone care to even read that?  LOL  Or maybe specifically about my 10 year career in Hollywood and the struggles I had to break the stereotype?  Or maybe a consulting or how-to book for the beginning actor just getting into the business?
Decisions decisions....


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